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Law School Public Lecture - Professor James Taylor Ranney

Location: Room M2, WBS Teaching Centre

‘PEACE: The Path Forward: Compulsory International Dispute Resolution’

James Taylor Ranney, Adjunct Professor of Law, Widener University Law School, USA

Abstract: This book deals with the history and future of the concept of ‘world peace through law’ (WPTL), which advocates replacing the use of international force with the global rule of law. WPTL calls for replacing war with the global rule of law by arms reductions, including the abolition of nuclear weapons, global alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, and various enforcement mechanisms. This book sets forth a three-part proposal: 1) arms reductions – primarily the abolition of nuclear weapons, with necessarily concomitant reductions in conventional forces; 2) a four-stage system of global alternative dispute resolution (ADR), utilizing both law and equity; 3) adequate enforcement mechanisms, including a UN Peace Force.

Poster 06.03.19

There will be a drinks reception after the event from 6:00pm

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