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David Gindis

Photo of David Gindis

Associate Professor

Company Law; Corporate Governance; Corporate Personality Controversy; Legal Institutionalism; Law and Economics; History of the Law & Economics Movement

School of Law
S1.30, Social Sciences Building
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL
United Kingdom

024 765 74551

David's research into the nexus between legal and socioeconomic features of business firms lies at the intersections of company law, corporate governance, law and economics, and institutional theory. He has been particularly interested in the corporate personality controversy, and is currently working on a book project entitled The Nexus and the Mask: A Legal-Economic Theory of the Firm (Edward Elgar). In parallel, David is exploring extensions of the Ostroms' notions of commons and polycentric governance to corporations and other organisational forms. A co-edited volume on Governing Corporate Knowledge Commons (Cambridge University Press) is in the works. David is also working on the history of the law and economics movement, with a specific focus on how Henry Manne's entrepreneurial efforts helped spread and legitimise economic reasoning in American legal education.