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Kirandeep Kaur

Senior Graduate Teaching Assistant

School of Law
Social Sciences Building
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL
United Kingdom


Multi-lingual law PhD researcher in the UK and active participant on international research panel conferences as part of the global legal network and community. I am part of the systems social theory working group within the internationally known Research Sociology of Law committee and Law Society Association. I am a Researcher and Investigator on an internship project within the department Centro de Investigação e Estudos de Sociologia (CIES-IUL) in ISCTE University Institute of Lisbon, Portugal. The research and internship project is on Equal Pay and its regulation via a comparative studies in Portugal in the context of the workplace via examination of the sociology public policy approach of the issues of Equal Pay. While conducting research and internship projects I am also conducting peer review of journal article publications and part of the working research committee in Oñati International Institute for the Sociology of Law, Spain.

In the UK, I am a Senior Graduate Teaching Assistant in Warwick's School of Law, the University of Warwick is ranked within the top 10 Universities in the country and has world class status. I am developing my law Ph.D thesis in the field of equality rights legislations in the UK. The thesis is on the Public Sector Equality Duty in the UK; the critical analysis from the reflexive regulation perspective. This project began from my experience, expertise and collaboration with the wider research communities based in the Midlands. Whilst studying I have continued to work in the legal sector building a vast portfolio in a variety of areas of law. Specifically, my legal experience has focused on Employment and Commercial litigation matters. I obtained extensive training in variety of legal and business environments throughout my education and career. As a experienced paralegal, I am working within a team of solicitors in a top 100 national law firm in the UK.

Legal and Commercial Experience

As a experienced paralegal, I am working within a team of solicitors in a top 100 national law firm in the UK. The law firm is the leading provider in legal services to the public sector, regulators, insurers and other commercial organisations. I interact within a close supporting team of Partners and Legal Directors across the four key regions in the UK Birmingham, London, Leeds and Bristol. I handle and support strategic decisions on high profile projects dealing with substantial volume of employment, business, immigration and pensions litigation advisory regulatory work. Onboarding consultants externally via commercial contracts and produced agreements as part of the law firms bespoke independent investigators network via risk and best practice procedures.

Working as a Paralegal Fee Earner at the law firm Bevan Brittan based in the Birmingham City Centre office since early 2019, specifically on litigation, advisory and regulatory work involving commercial contracts, employment as well as immigration advice for employers. Previously worked at Birmingham City Council within the in-house legal team as a Legal Assistant for the Equal Pay and Employment Unit. I managed and helped coordinate the project regarding the case management of the Equal Pay claims in one of the largest legal in-house local authority in the UK. I also had the opportunity to work on behalf of Birmingham City Council in Employment Tribunal hearings as well as judicial meditations regarding settlement claims. Assisted fee earners and counsels with relevant documents and the preparation bundles. Attended meetings in relation to Equal Pay and employment law matters. Arranged discussion on grievance and disciplinary matters that require involvement of employment legal advice. Alongside my previous work on the Equal Pay settlement project as a Legal Assistant at Birmingham City Council, I graduated with respectable marks on my 10,000 word dissertation which specialised in analysing the UK Equal Pay Legislation. I studied this specific area of law and worked on the Equal Pay project during the completion of my Masters of Law degree at the University of Warwick which I completed in 2018. I have experience in retail banking where I worked at Barclays Bank PLC. I progressed within the organisation from disputes advisor to community banker. Extensive managerial experience in customer payments solution. Advise on accounts and protect customers with fraudulent activity, merchant dispute and complaint issues. Established use of time and project management skills in order to meet operational stats for team performance. Consistently set up relevant proceedings for investigation under the Financial Conduct Authority regulations. Alongside working in retail banking I graduated from a full time Law degree in 2015 to studying my Masters in Law at University of Warwick. I undertaken variety of legal placements in different areas of law. At Kingwoods Solicitors as a paralegal I conducted legal research to get insight of the case laws, legislations and relevant regulations. These matters involved commercial law, immigration law and family law. Advising clients on commercial contracts and agreements, company law and corporate compliance. I was a Caseworker in the legal services and money advice team at Castle Vale Tenants and Residents Alliance, a non profit organisation. Required to fulfil the role using shadowing and casework supervision; interviewing and advising clients on money & debt, welfare rights & benefits and housing issues; assisting clients at County Court hearings. Understand and follow the Advice Quality Standards laid down for the project in the money advice manual.

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