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Past Winners

Ania Zbyszewska

Ania Zbyszewska

Lund Fellowship

Older Workers, Older Carers: A Social Reproduction Perspective on the European Union Active Aging Policies. Poland and Beyond

Ania Zbyszewska received £10,000 from the Lund Fellowship scheme at Lund University to become a visiting research fellow, where Ania will spend three months (April -July 2015). Whilst there Ania has worked in parallel with other labour lawyers and members of the Law Faculty-based Norma and Elder Law Research Environments on a number of projects analysing European policies aimed at employment activation of older people, particularly women, and examining crosscutting social and policy tensions that are exposed when older workers re-enter labour markets or when they are unable to do so. This work tackles important questions about the adequacy of long-term development plans that hinge heavily on active aging, as they do in many countries facing demographic crises and at the EU level.


Lee Bridges

Prof Lee Bridges

Legal Services Commission

Evaluation of Public Defender Service in England and Wales

Professor Lee Bridges has been co-directing this four-year study funded by the Legal Services Commission to evaluate the pilot public defender service currently operating in six locations throughout the country. The report was published by the Stationery Office in 2007.


Victor Tadros

Prof Victor Tadros



This project is a four year legal and philosophical investigation into criminalization. The project will involve the four lead researchers, Antony Duff (Philosophy, Stirling), Lindsay Farmer (Law, Glasgow), Sandra Marshall (Philosophy, Stirling) and Victor Tadros(Law, Warwick), a Research Assistant, Massimo Renzo (based at Stirling) and two PhD Students, based at Warwick and Glasgow. The project has been generously funded by a large grant from the AHRC. The central questions to be addressed by the project concern what and how conduct should be criminalized.