Feminist Recovery Plan Project

A Feminist Recovery Plan for Covid-19 and Beyond: Learning from Grassroots Activism

Artwork: “Until dignity becomes a habit” by Marga RH

The Covid-19 crisis has exposed deep inequalities embedded in national and international socio-economic systems and legal frameworks. Over-stretched social services and an over-reliance on unpaid and precarious labour compensate for the inadequacies of social infrastructure, economic policies and labour regulation, instead of inspiring more social justice-driven approaches. The crisis offers an opportunity to identify the limits of such systems and reimagine the policies that shape them. This project aims to collectively design a reparative and redistributive feminist recovery plan for Covid-19 and beyond by placing grassroots activism at the centre of policy-making, learning from the past and looking at the future.

Policy brief: 'Towards feminist recovery plans for Covid-19 and beyond'- Globe Centre Policy Brief Series, University of Warwick, February 2022Link opens in a new window

This policy brief summarises the findings of the project: it outlines the key elements for a post-pandemic feminist recovery 
and offers recommendations useful at national and transnational levels.

This project is coordinated by Serena Natile.