Building Bridges, Not Walking on Backs: A Feminist Economic Recovery Plan for COVID-19 - Hawai’i State Commission on the Status of Women

From a Feminist Bailout to a Global Feminist Economic Recovery

High Hopes and High Expectations: Feminist Movement Recommendations to the Equality Fund

Feminist Movements and Women Resisting the War on Drugs

Covid-19 reveals everything

Plans for a Feminist Recovery from Covid-19

Advancing feminist economic alternatives for a fair, green, gender equal world

Macro solutions for women, the people and the planet

Sexual and Reproductive Justice Now! – An Actions Agenda to realize sexual and reproductive justice for all women, adolescents, girls, and trans and non-binary people

IDWF Solidarity Fund to Fight Covid-19

Life beyond the pandemic

A Care-Led Recovery from Coronavirus

Women's Policy Group NI Covid-19 Feminist Recover Plan

Further information on the Women's Policy Group NI.

Covid-19 & Gender

Feminism, the Pandemic, and What Comes Next

A feminist perspective on the battle over property

CEDAW Shadow Report 2020 - Coalición Nacional de Mujeres del Ecuador

What a Way to Make a Living: Violence and Harassment faced by Migrant Women in the World of Work in Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Guatemala and Mexico

A job at Any Cost – Experiences of African Women Migrant Domestic Workers in the Middle East’

African Feminist Post-Covid-19 Economic Recovery Statement

What the Social Contract Means in the Age of Data – Feminist Visions and perspectives

Suriya - Women Economic Rights

ALTSEAN REPORT CARD No3: Ignoring ICJ provisional measures, Burma/Myanmar's military turns violence against entire nation

The Struggle of Rural Communities for Food System Change

The Rights of LGBTIQ+ Youth and Children in Thailand: Joint Submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review for Thailand’s Third UPR Cycle

‘What Strengthening Worker Protection in the Post-Pandemic World Would Entail’

‘Facts and Perspectives: Women’s Labour Migration from the Philippines’

IWRAW Asia Pacific Policy on Addressing Rights of Marginalised Groups of Women

IWRAW Asia Pacific's virtual Global South Women's Forum on Sustainable Development, "Disrupting Macroeconomics, A forum to learn, strategise, and celebrate feminist visions for economic justice

Other IWRAW Asia Pacific resources

Covid-19 Highlights the Failure of Neoliberal Capitalism: We Need Feminist Global Solidarity

'Framing Feminist Taxation': Making Taxes Work for Women

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