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‘Deconstructing Haryana’ at the ‘Order/Disorder’ conference at University of Warwick

The Fair Chance for Education project saw its first formal conference presentation in April. The conference was organised by Sarah Hodges (History) in relation to the University of Warwick Global Partnership Fund Award 2017/18. A delegation from Shiv Nadar University, India visited Warwick and the conference itself was held on the 26th and 27thof April 2018. The conference was titled “Order/Disorder: Self and Society in Modern South Asia”. The event was attended by the four visiting academics from the Shiv Nadar University and faculty and research students (History, Literature, Sociology, CES and Theatre) from Warwick. A majority of the presentations were on literature, history and political developments in India. 

Emily Henderson and Anjali Thomas presented the first Fair Chance for Education paper on the second day of the event on 27th April 2018. The paper was entitled ‘Deconstructing Haryana: Dis/order in representations of gender, caste and education’. Emily started the presentation with a brief introduction of the project and its focus on gender and educational trajectories in Haryana. The second part of the presentation was a conversation between Emily and Anjali, where Emily discussed the process of deconstruction and Anjali deconstructed the narratives and representations of gender, caste and education in Haryana. There was a lot of interest in the funding and the focus of the project. People were also interested in how we deconstructed the emerging narratives of development and gender empowerment in Haryana.

Wed 09 May 2018, 10:10