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Books Published by Staff in 2010

International Economic Law, Globalization And Developing Countries

Edited by Julio Faundez, University of Warwick, UK and Celine Tan, University of Birmingham, UK

julio‘This book is both breathtaking in its scope and impressive in its attention to legal and institutional detail in situating developing countries in the evolving body of international economic law. Essays in this volume canvas most important areas of international economic law, including international trade law, international financial regulation, the regulation of foreign direct investment and multinational corporations, foreign aid, the enforcement of human rights standards and core international labour standards on multinational corporations, international enforcement of anti-corruption conventions, international competition law, international intellectual property rights, and international environmental law. A pervasive theme, compellingly developed, in most of these papers is the asymmetric structure of international institutions that generate rules in these various areas, in which developing countries are mostly rule takers, rather than equal participants. The current global financial crisis may provide a welcome opportunity for re-evaluating these institutional asymmetries. In any such re-evaluation, this book will provide a veritable cornucopia of constructive new insights.’
– Michael Trebilcock, University of Toronto, Canada
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Publishers: Edwards Elgar Publishing

2010 / 512 pp / Hardback / ISBN 978 1 84844 113 2 / on-line discount £108.00

This book is also available as an ebook 978 1 84980 667 1

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The Ethos of Europe - Values, Law and Justice in the EU

Andrew Williams - University of Warwick  
andwilCan the EU become a 'just' institution? Andrew Williams considers this highly charged political and moral question by examining the role of five salient values said to be influential in the governance and law of the Union: peace, the rule of law, respect for human rights, democracy, and liberty. He assesses each of these as elements of an apparent ‘institutional ethos’ and philosophy of EU law and finds that justice as a governing ideal has failed to be taken seriously in the EU. To remedy this condition, he proposes a new set of principles upon which justice might be brought more to the fore in the Union’s governance. By focusing on the realisation of human rights as a core institutional value, Williams argues that the EU can better define its moral limits so as to evolve as a more just project.

Cambridge Studies in European Law and Policy Series
March 2010 368pp

Hardback 9780521118286 £60.00 £48.00
Paperback 9780521134040 £23.99 £19.19
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Shakespeare's Imaginary Constitution: Late Elizabethan Politics and the Theatre of Law

Paul Raffield
paThrough an examination of six plays by Shakespeare, the author presents an innovative analysis of political developments in the last decade of Elizabethan rule and their representation in poetic drama of the period. The playhouses of London in the 1590s provided a distinctive forum for discourse and dissemination of nascent political ideas. Shakespeare exploited the unique capacity of theatre to humanise contemporary debate concerning the powers of the Crown and the extent to which these were limited by law. The autonomous subject of law is represented in the plays considered here as a sentient political being whose natural rights and liberties found an analogue in the narratives of common law, as recorded in juristic texts and law reports of the early modern era. Each chapter reflects a particular aspect of constitutional development in the late-Elizabethan State. These include abuse of the Royal Prerogative by the Crown and its agents; the emergence of a politicised middle-class citizenry, empowered by the ascendancy of contract law; the limitations imposed by the courts on the lawful extent of divinely ordained kingship; the natural and rational authority of unwritten lex terrae; the poetic imagination of the judiciary and its role in shaping the constitution; and the fusion of temporal and spiritual jurisdiction in the person of the monarch. The book advances original insights into the complex and agonistic relationship between theatre, politics and law. The plays discussed offer persuasive images both of the Crown's absolutist tendencies and of alternative polities predicated upon classical and humanist principles of justice, equity and community.

Oxford: Hart Publishing, October 2010
Hardback Price: £50

254 pages + xviii / ISBN: 978-1-84113-921-0

Environmental Law

McEldowney, J.F. and McEldowney, S. (2010) Environmental Law (Longman).

johnThe focus of Environmental Law is on understanding law and regulation based on acknowledging that environmental problems are defined by their social, scientific, legal and political context. Environmental regulation is also called upon to protect the environment and resources for future generations. This is a challenge that environmental law must meet and is considered within the book.

Publisher: Longmans

Copyright: 2010
Format: Paper; 424 pp



Price: £29.99
Published: 06 May 2010