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Previous Events

18 February 2021 - WCF Manuscript Development Workshop 2.0

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27 January 2020

WCF Talk: ''The scientization of central banks: How economists shape macroprudential policy"

with Matthias Thiemann


28 October 2019

WCF Talk: "Big-data credit scoring: risk management in Chinese social credit programmes"

with Ruowen Xu


9-10 September 2019

WCF - Early Career Researcher Workshop 2019: Critical Macro-Finance


6 March 2019

WCF in Conversation: "When Liquidity Kills You Quick: Introducing the Money View"

with Daniela Gabor (UWE Bristol)


17 January 2018

WCF in Conversation: "Follow you Interest or Follow the Field? How (not) to leap between Research Interests"

with Jacqueline Best (University of Ottawa)


4 December 2018

WCF Dialogue: "Operationalisations of Financialisation"

with Ève Chiapello (EHESS, Paris) & Pauline Gleadle (University of Westminster)


15 November 2018

WCF Talk: "Debt, Ususry, and the Ongoing Crises of Capitalism"

with Nick Gane (University of Warwick)


3-4 September 2018

WCF writeshop: 'Selling (Critical) Finance: Getting your Work Published'

with Christopher May (University of Lancaster),
Lena Rethel (University of Warwick), and
Adrienne Roberts (University of Manchester)



9 May 2018

WCF Talk: "Gendered Flexitime in Asset Finance: Work-Life Balance at Month End"

with Heather Griffiths (University of Warwick)


14 February 2018

WCF Book Talk: "Stories of Capitalism: Inside the Role of Financial Analysts"

with Stefan Leins (University of Zurich)


8 November 2017

WCF Dialogue: "Resilience: Market Subjects and Performative Politics"

with John Morris (Coventry University) and
James Brassett (University of Warwick)


25-26 September 2017

WCF - Early Career Researcher Workshop 2017: "Taking the Next Step: New Frontiers in the Interdisciplinary Study of Finance"

with Yuval Millo (Warwick Business School) and
Lena Rethel (University of Warwick)


7 June 2017

WCF Roundtable: "What/Where is the 'Critical' in Critical Finance Research?"

with Bill Maurer (University of California, Irvine), Johnna Montgomerie (Goldsmiths, University of London), Nathaniel Tkacz (University of Warwick) and Lauren Tooker (University of Warwick).


13 April 2017

WCF Talk: "Margining Crises: The Role of Clearing Houses for the Financial Stability of the Eurozone"

with Lorenzo Genito (University of Warwick)


22 February 2017

WCF Talk: Debt as Power: "The Emergence of Neoliberal Monetary Governance in Britain"

with Sahil Dutta (University of Warwick)


7 February 2017

WCF Talk: "Crusade against Cash in the Name of the Poor? From Microfinance to Digital Financialisation in the Global South"

with Philip Mader (Institute of Development Studies, Brighton)