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WCF - Early Career Researcher Writeshop 2018

Selling (critical) finance: Getting your work published

Held on 3-4 September 2018


These have been two intense days here at the WCF writeshop. Over the course of the event, we extensively discussed twelve amazing papers, bombarded three editors with questions, engaged in a masterclass of revise and re-submit, and heard a keynote about the political economy of social scientific publishing. All accompanied, of course, by huge flows of self-brewed coffee from our French presses.

What characterised the workshop was a collaborative, productive and supportive atmosphere; a joint effort to support each other’s handling of the publication process and ready our manuscripts for publication. As early career researchers, the aim was to fine-tune our work close to submission, but also to understand and question critically the pressure to publish, which for better or worse is an important part of our academic career paths.

During the panels we discussed series of papers about ‘Financial Infrastructures’, ‘Variegated Financialisation’, ‘Everyday Financialisation’ as well as ‘Enacting Finance’. They accommodated feedback and advice not only from participants, but also from the invited editors whose invaluable contributions to this event cannot be praised enough. The workshop programme is available and since all speakers produced papers, anyone interested is welcome to email the authors asking for copies.

In our break away sessions, we took some time, some pencils & papers - to map the current journal landscape, debate the impostor syndrome in its various shapes, and address publication pressures more generally. A number of (half-baked) posters, and a productive and open discussion were the result.

Thanks to all the participants for making this such an insightful and highly enjoyable event. Good luck with revising and submitting your papers! We are looking forward to reading more of your work in the future and are looking forward to meet all of you again!

Participating Editors

Christopher May, University of Lancaster

Lena Rethel, University of Warwick

Adrienne Roberts, University of Manchester