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Module Choices

This page is primarily for the attention of students taking BA Politics and BA Politics and International Studies.

There are no optional modules if you are on our BA Politics and Sociology programme. The BA Politics, International Studies and Quantitative methods programme does allow you to chose one optional 15 CAT module in PAIS or cognate department. At this link is the structure of the Politics, International Studies and Modern Languages programme (please do scroll down the page to find the particular language you are studying).

Please note that module websites are on Moodle for the 2018-19 academic year and may not, as yet, be fully updated.

PAIS Modules

  • In your first year your CORE modules will be Introduction to Politics, World Politics and Political Research in the 21st Century.
  • You are able to choose as your optional fourth module either a 30 CAT module from outside PAIS, or 2 x 15 CAT modules within PAIS, or a 15 CAT module in PAIS and a 15 CAT module in another department, or 2 x 15 CAT modules outside PAIS.
  • The Department of Politics 15 CAT politics modules include Nine Ideas in International Security (Term 2), Justice, Democracy and Citizenship (Term 1).Contemporary Themes in Comparative Politics (Term 2), Foundations of Political Economy (Term 1).
  • Also open to you are our Q step modules. There are two 15 CAT modules in Introduction to Social Analytics I (Term 1) and Introduction to Social Analytics II (Term 2), and our 15 CAT modules in Introduction to Qualitative Methods.and Understanding Social Inequailities: Issues and Methods. Please note that the two Quantitative modules can only be taken in conjunction with each other.
  • If you choose to take your optional 15 CAT modules within PAIS we highly recommend you take one in each term so as to balance your workload. Alternatively you could achieve balance by taking an 'outside' 15 CAT module in a different term to your PAIS 15 CAT module. We only allow you to take both PAIS 15 CAT modules in the same term if you are confident you can manage the workload and there are no clashes in your timetable.
  • Alternatively, you may choose one 30 CAT module or two 15 CAT modules from another department to make up your 120 CATS of study for your first year.
  • For administrative advice (e.g. which modules you are entitled to do and how to go about this) on your optional modules, please contact Carole Rice or Jane Cooney in the Undergraduate Office (paisug at warwick dot ac dot uk). For academic advice please contact your personal tutor or the DIrector of Student Experience and Progression (DSEP).

PAIS Modules: Signing Up

  • If you would like to take two 15 CAT PAIS modules this year, one in term 1 and one in term 2, you can now apply for these modules by adding them on your on-line module registration
  • Please make sure you have done this by Friday of week 1 as seminars start in week 2.
  • You should register for your optional PAIS modules via eVision Module Registration or eMR. We expect this to open from Monday 24th September.
  • Thr eMR system is accessed via e:Vision. You will need your IT Services username and password in order to be able to log on.
  • Once you have registered for the modules on-line you then need to register for a seminar using the Tabular system. Justin will discuss this further in his welcome meeting on Tuesday, 25h September, at 12 noon in OC0.03 .

Outside Options

  • Please note this information on outside options is in the process of being updated for 2018-19.
  • Departments where you can take your outside option all have different ways of applying and different deadlines for you to register for their modules.
  • Please do check with the individual departments for availability and pre-requisites before registering for the module.

  • Here in PAIS we would prefer that you have found, and registered for, your outside module by the end of week 1 as, generally, lectures start in week 1 for all departments and seminars start in week 2 – the sooner you are registered the sooner you can settle into your class and get the most out of your module.
  • If you choose 15 CAT modules outside PAIS we recommend an even load (e.g. one in each term).
  • If you need any advice on outside modules please speak to Carole or Jane as they can advise and help you.
The Language Centre
  • Many of our first year students choose to learn a language while they are here at Warwick and in your first year you are able to take a beginners language class and then carry this on throughout your degree.
  • Taking a language such as French, German or Spanish will help you if you choose to go on one of our Erasmus exchanges in Europe and also increase your chances of being able to get a job in Europe after completing your degree. Other language classes offered are Russian, Japanese, Chinese and Arabic. Portuguese and Italian are also offered to study at beginners and intermediate level.
  • If you wish to apply for any of these classes you must go to the Language Centre during one of their enrolment days – Friday 28th September, Tuesday, 2nd October and Wednesday, 3rd October, between 10am and 4pm each day - to see a tutor in your chosen language for level diagnosis and to complete the necessary enrolment form. Places are allocated on a first come, first served basis, so try to attend as early within the 3 days as you can to avoid disappointment.
  • The Language Centre can be found on the ground floor of the Humanities Building at the bottom of Library Road
  • The Economics module webpages can be found here:
  • For some Economics modules you will be required to have A-Level Mathematics and/or Economics, so you need to go along and see their Deputy Director of Undergraduate Studies, Claudia Rei, in the first instance and then go along to the induction lecture for the module, which will take place in week 1.
  • The registration for Economics modules is open until the Friday of week 3, once you have chosen your module in Economics you then need to add it to your EMR to register in the group.
  • The Economics Department is on the ground floor of the Social Sciences Building (S0.98)
  • Modules Available from the Economics Department include:

EC136 Economics 1: Macro – 15 CATS – prerequisites apply, refer to Economics handbook
EC137 Economics 1: Micro – 15 CATS – prerequisites apply, refer to Economics handbook

Modules where you will be required to have either A-Level Mathematics or A-Level Economics as a pre-requisite:

EC119 Mathematical Analysis for Economists (15 CATS – must be taken with another 15 CAT module) This module takes place in the Autumn term and must be taken with a module which takes place in the Spring term.

EC133 Linear Algebra for Economics (15 CATS – must be taken with another 15 CAT module) This module takes place in the Spring term and must be taken with a module which takes place in the Autumn term.

EC132 The Industrial Economy: Strategy and EC138 Introduction to Environmental Economics are for economics based degree courses only

EC104, The World Economy, is not available for outside students.


In order to register for a Sociology module students will need to log on to the e-vision student records system. A list of Sociology modules can be found here: 

Warwick Business School

For WBS modules, students must register via (logging in using ITS username and password. You then follow my.wbs>user profile> module application. If you click on the module titles it will open the module overview, the modules you see listed on the module application page are the modules offered to external department students.

The WBS module registration process can all be done through my.wbs, and the my.wbs system is independent of e:Vision/tabula. Therefore, you need to keep both registration systems up to date of any changes.

  • Students who wish to take any modules in the Philosophy Department should register with the Undergraduate Secretary for Philosophy (The Philosophy UG Office is on the second floor of the Social Sciences Building) and then sign up for the module on EMR as soon as you have done this.
  • The Philosophy module pages can be found here: Modules available include the following;

PH134 Introduction to Philosophy (30 CATS)
PH140 Ancient Philosophy (15 CATS)
PH142 Central Themes in Philosophy (15 CATS)
PH143 Existence, Experience, History: Key topics in Continental Philosophy (15 CATS)
PH144 Mind and Reality (15 CATS)
PH145 Plato and Descartes (15 CATS)
PH146 Reason, Argument and Analysis (15 CATS)
PH132 Ideas of Freedom (15 CATS)
PH136 Logic 1 (15 CATS)

  • We hope this has given you a better idea of what is offered to you as your outside option and how to apply, if you see another module in a different department (For example The Department of English/Italian/German/French/Film Studies/Psychology) that you wish to do please contact Carole/Jane, in the first instance, to discuss this further.
  • Please be reassured that this will all be discussed in your first year welcome meeting on Tuesday, 25th September and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions there, as well as in the PAIS UG office.