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Gabriel Siles-Brügge co-edits a Special Issue on the impact of Brexit on EU policies

Together with Ferdi De Ville (Ghent University), PAIS academic Gabriel Siles-Brügge has co-edited a new Special Issue on the impact of Brexit on EU policies. While the effects of Brexit on the UK have been the subject of extensive scholarly engagement, this Special Issue tries to plug the gap when it comes to the study of Brexit's impact on the EU and its policies. In doing so, it features contributions from leading EU Studies scholars on the impact of the UK's departure on the EU's Single Market, the EU's approach to climate change governance and the EU's foreign and security policy.

The Special Issue also features an article by Ferdi De Ville and Gabriel Siles-Brügge on the impact of Brexit on EU trade policy, which challenges received wisdom by arguing that the UK's exit will not necessarily push the EU in a more protectionist policy direction. It is available for free from: 

The whole Special Issue has been published in open access format and can be downloaded for free from:

Mon 16 Sep 2019, 15:21 | Tags: Staff, Research