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PAIS awarded Athena Swan Silver

The Department of Politics and International Studies has achieved the Athena Swan Silver award, a prestigious UK charter mark that recognises the advancement of gender equality in higher education. This is an important acknowledgement of the ongoing dedication and progress of the department in promoting gender equality for staff and students.


Wed 27 Mar 2024, 09:37 | Tags: Staff PhD Postgraduate Undergraduate

New Publication: Joseph Haigh

Joseph Haigh’s article ‘‘Every one (re)membered’: Anxiety, family history, and militarised vicarious identity promotion during Britain’s First World War centenary commemorations’ has just been published open access in the Review of International Studies.

The article explores how during the 2014-18 First World War Centenary key national custodians encouraged Britons to emotionally buy into militarised revisionist narratives about the First World War by vicariously identifying with military ancestors.

Joe wishes to thank PAIS colleagues as well as the PAIS Manuscript Improvement Service (10/10, would recommend!) who provided invaluable feedback on the paper and guidance on approaching the revisions.

Wed 13 Mar 2024, 14:44 | Tags: Staff Research

NSS 2024: Now Open for PAIS Finalists

The National Student Survey (NSS) is now open at the link below. In partnership with our students, we have built the PAIS department together. Thank you! We’d love your feedback on the three or four years you have spent with us, in PAIS.


Tue 06 Feb 2024, 12:14 | Tags: Staff Undergraduate

Feminist Geographies and the Afterlives of the Revolution

Feminist Geographies and the Afterlives of the RevolutionA conversation with Dr Dina Wahba and Yasmin El-Rifae7 February 2024, 16:15- 18:00Room S0.11, The University of Warwick, CoventryHow can we understand the unfolding politics of the Middle East from a feminist perspective, attentive to the body, home, city, nation and their entanglements? You are invited to join writer and cultural producer Yasmin El-Rifae (Radius: A Story of Feminist Revolution, Verso, 2022) and activist-scholar Dr Dina Wahba (Counter-revolutionary Egypt: From the Midan to the Neighbourhood, Routledge 2024), to explore this question.Event open to all. Please register through this link: opens in a new windowThe event is funded by the Department of Politics and International Studies, and the Midlands Graduate School ESRC DTP. Artwork is by generous courtesy of Salam Yousry.

Wed 24 Jan 2024, 16:03 | Tags: Staff PhD Postgraduate Undergraduate Research

EASG Talk with Dr Maria Blancas on China's Economic Statecraft and its effects: the Case of Mexico

Maria Blancas holds a PhD in International Relations from Kings College London. Her research interests focus on the effects of China's economic statecraft in developing countries, although she has also written more generally on Chinese foreign policy, Japan and the Korean Peninsula. Outside of academia, she has worked in several posts for the Mexican Foreign Service (consular-diplomatic branch) and in the private sector as a trade consultant and through participation in research projects with the International Organisation of Migration. Currently she works as an economic and trade advisor in the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Mexico.Her talk addresses the field of China-Latin American relations - an area that remains underexplored in academic literature, often constrained by narrow economic analyses or Spanish-language publications. Highlighting the tendency of this literature to downplay local agency and generalise diverse cultural, social and economic contexts, this talk will draw upon Mexico as a useful case study to offer insights into China's economic statecraft in developing nations. Additionally, this talk will explore the nuances of Mexico's unique conditions and how they have proved a challenge for Beijing to deepen its presence in the country.

Date: Wednesday, 06/3/24Time: 16:15-17:30Venue: Zoom

Tue 23 Jan 2024, 13:58 | Tags: Staff PhD Postgraduate Undergraduate Research

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