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PAIS Undergraduate's Essay "Highly Commended" at the Undergraduate Awards

AlpAn essay written by PAIS Undergraduate Alp Katalan Nasi has been "Highly Commended" at the Undergraduate Awards. The essay, written for Politics of International Development, was ranked in the top 10% from over 400 global submissions in the Politics and IR section. The essay was titled: "Why Do Countries Give Aid? A Case Study of Swedish Benevolence".

You can find the list of "Highly Commended" contestants here:

Having just returned from my year abroad in Hong Kong, it is great to be recognised for the work I had done at Warwick. My teachers played a key role as I found it inspiring to learn about international development from such an enthusiastic lecturer like Ben Richardson.

My essay explored why countries give aid, with a special focus on Sweden as a case study. I really enjoyed exploring this through various angles - social reasons, economic incentives, and political motivations - using various lenses of IR theory. I hope to continue exploring development issues, especially those associated with energy and the environment, in my further studies.

I am honoured to represent not just the PAIS department, but the University of Warwick overall at the Undergraduate Awards. I will be a part of the UA Alumni Network, as well as publish my essay on the Undergraduate Library, which is a fantastic personal achievement!

- Alp Katalan Nasi

Congratulations Alp!

Mon 16 October 2017, 14:46 | Tags: Front, Staff, UG