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Usman Alabi

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PhD Candidate

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I am a PhD student in Politics and International Studies. Before joining PAIS, I have worked on Governance Transparency and Accountability projects in Nigeria funded by the National Endowment for Democracy in the United States, and also worked with the Nigerian Economic Summit Group. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the University of Lagos, as well as Masters of Science from the same institution. My research interest revolves around Security Studies, Everyday Political Economy, African Politics and global geopolitics, Counterterrorism and International Development.


I am a student of African politics, and the new scramble for Africa in global geopolitics. I am also interested in the constant contradiction between Post-Colonial state and the Agency of the People, a contradiction that has constantly bred crisis with its attendant consequence of capturing the capacity for a bottom-up development. I attempt to pursue this by adopting everyday political economy approach.

My doctoral research examines the political economy of counterterrorism in Nigeria. I aim to understand the impact of counterterrorism on the everyday political economy of people in Lake Chad region of Nigeria, how they seem to have not only created a conflict economy but have also adapted to it, the various actors involved in this process, and the prospect for development (Counterterrorism and Development).

This work is supervised by Dr Jessica Di Salvatore and Dr Akin Oyawale, both members of the Politics and International Studies Department at Warwick.

Teaching Responsibilities

Senior Graduate Teaching Assistant

I am a seminar tutor for PO107: Introduction to Politics.