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Nina Boy

Nina Boy profile photo

Honorary Research Fellow

My research is based at the intersection of security studies and international political economy, focusing on conceptions of (in)security in global finance. This includes theories of money, debt, value and collateral, informed by a socio-political perspective grounded in the technicalities of modern finance.

I hold a PhD in Politics from Lancaster and have worked at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) for 8 years, leading a work package on Financial security in the EU FP7-funded Societal Security Network (SOURCE) and organising interdisciplinary PhD courses at the Research School on Peace and Conflict (eg Contemporary conditions of critique: Power, value(s), economy).

I was part of the Management Team of the COST Action System risk, financial crisis & credit from 2010-2014, leading a working group on Credit, and organised the Research Council of Norway-funded Workshop series Understanding ‘financial security’ in an age of uncertainty (2009-2011). For the NordSTEVA Centre I ran the workshop Exploring the Cashless Society in 2018.

I am co-editor of the post-disciplinary open-access journal Finance and Society.

Upcoming Event

PLEDGE - Interdisciplinary workshop on the history and politics of a persistent security device, Marburg 21-22 November 2019 (co-funded by Institute of Advanced Study and SFB Dynamics of Security)

Research keywords
  • Financial security
  • Safe assets
  • History and politics of the pledge
  • Historical epistemology of finance and economics
  • Political economy of money and finance
  • Political theory
  • Socio-political imaginaries
Current project

My WIRL-COFUND project examines how and with what consequences the value of safety is changing in post-crisis finance, looking at: 1) Historical and theoretical parameters of safe assets; 2) Systemic and systematic risk; 3) Safety in collateral-based finance and 4) Changing valuation frameworks of safety.


Boy, N. (under review) The financial value of safety: Exploring the material and immaterial yield of security

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Boy, N. and D. Gabor (2019) Collateral times, Economy & Society 48(3), pp. 295-314

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Boy, N. (2017) Finance-Security: Where to go? Finance & Society, 3(2), 208-215. Available here.

Boy, N. (2016) ‘Financial security’ in J. Junk, C. Daase and G. Schlag (eds) Transformations of Security, PRIO/ Routledge New Security Studies Series, London: Routledge

Boy, N. (2015) Sovereign safety, Security Dialogue, 46(6), 530-547. Available here.

Boy, N. (2014) ‘The backstory of the risk-free asset: how government debt became “safe”’ in C. Goodhart, D. Gabor and J. Vestergaard (eds) Central Banking at a Crossroads, London: Anthem Press. Available on request here.

Boy, N. (2014) ‘Öffentlichkeit als public credit’ /’The “public” of public credit’ in A. Langenohl and D. Wetzel (eds) Finanzmarktpublika/ Financial market publics, Wiesbaden: Springer VS

Boy, N., J.P. Burgess and A. Leander (2011) ‘The global governance of security and finance: Introduction to the Special Issue’. Security Dialogue, 42(2): 115-122