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James Brassett

Dr James Brassett is Reader in International Political Economy (IPE); previously RCUK Research Fellow in the ESRC Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation (CSGR). Brassett works on the politics of globalisation with a focus on questions of ethics, governance, crisis and resistance. He has a particular interest in the importance of everyday and popular culture in global politics, especially as it relates to 24hr news/social media, film, and comedy.

Brassett's most recent book is entitled: Affective Politics of the Global Event: Trauma and the Resilient Market Subject (Routledge, 2018) and his first book is Cosmopolitanism and Global Financial Reform: A Pragmatic Approach to the Tobin Tax (Routledge, 2010; Paperback, 2013). He is Editor of seven Journal Special Issues on subjects including 'Ethics and World Politics', 'Legitimacy and Global Governance', 'The Political Economy of the Sub-Prime Crisis', and 'The Politics of Resilience'. Brassett won the BISA Prize for Best Article in Review of International Studies for 'British Irony, Global Justice: Chris Brown, Banksy, and Ricky Gervais'. His research has appeared in journals such as Democratization, Ethics and International Affairs, European Journal of International Relations, International Political Sociology, International Studies Quarterly, International Theory, Millennium, Review of International Political Economy and Security Dialogue. Brassett is currently Co-Editor of the Routledge/RIPE Series in Global Political Economy as well as the online teaching tool: I-PEEL.


  • Humorous States: New Diplomacy and the Rise of Comedy in International Relations, with Chris Browning, British Academy Small Grant.
  • International Political Economy of Everyday Life, with Juanita Elias, Ben Richardson, and Lena Rethel, IATL Grant For Teaching Innovation.
  • Ethics and Global Governance, Research Councils UK: 5 Year Fellowship.
  • Roberts Funding for Research Development and Workshops.
  • Visiting Fellowships at University of Amsterdam and University of Queensland.

Recent Articles

  • British Satire, Everyday Politics: Chris Morris, Armando Iannucci, and Charlie Brooker, in British Journal of Politics and International Relations, 2017, 19(2): 245-262, with Alex Sutton.
  • Mobile Payments, Social Money: Everyday Politics of the Consumer Subject, in New Political Economy, 2017, 22(6): 645-660, with Ruben Kremers.
  • British Comedy, Global Resistance: Russell Brand, Charlie Brooker, and Stewart Lee, in European Journal of International Relations, 2015, 22(1): 168-191.
  • Sexy Money: The Hetero-normative Politics of Global Finance, in Review of International Studies, 2015, 41(3): 429-449, with Lena Rethel..
  • Security and the Performative Politics of Resilience, in Security Dialogue, 46(1): 32-50, with Nick Vaughan Williams.

Completed Phds

Dr Aya Nassar, Spaces of Power: Politics, Subjectivity and Materiality in Post-Independence Cairo, Warwick Chanclellors Fellowship.

Dr Donna Greene, The Sustainability of the Social Democratic Welfare State: A Case Study of Barbados 1974-1994.

Dr Maurice Stierl, Migration Resistance as Border Politics: Counter Imaginaries of Europe, Warwick Chancellors Fellowship.

Dr Chris Rossdale, Anarchism, Anti-Militarism and the Politics of Security, ESRC Funded, Winner of the BISA Michael Nicholson Prize for the Best Thesis in IR, 2014.

Dr Chris Clarke, The Ethics of Liberal Market Governance: Adam Smith and the Constitution of Financial Market Agency, ESRC Funded.

Dr Mark Fowle, Practices of Emancipation: Security, Dialogue and Change in Post-War Vukovar, ESRC Funded.

Dr Chris Holmes, Economistic Fallacies in Contemporary Capitalism: A Polanyian Analysis of Regimes of Marketised Protection, ESRC Funded.





james brassett

Research Interests

  • Everyday and Cultural Political Economy
  • Ethics and Politics of Resistance
  • Emotion and the Market Subject
  • Comedy, Satire and Humour


Contact Details

Office: E2.12

Telephone: 02476-574420

Office Hrs: Tues 9-10, Thurs 12.30-1.30.