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Christopher Browning

chris browning

Reader of Politics and International Studies

Tel: (024 765) 72556
Room: E1.08


Tuesdays 9.30-10.30

Fridays 11.30-12.30

NB: A+F hours will be conducted via Teams so ensure you use the booking form to book a time.



Chris joined the department in August 2007. Prior to coming to Warwick he held positions at Copenhagen Peace Research Institute, the Danish Institute for International Studies, the University of Birmingham and Keele University. He has held visiting scholar/researcher positions at the Finnish Institute of International Affairs, the University of Lapland, Tampere University, and most recently a visiting professorship at the University of Oslo as part of a project on Nordic Branding. He holds a PhD from the University of Wales, Aberystwyth. He serves on the editorial boards of Cooperation and Conflict and Global Studies Quarterly and was previously Associate Editor/Acting Editor for the Journal of International Relations and Development.

His published work includes:

He has published over 30 articles in international refereed journals and is editor of three journal Special Issues on subjects including 'Nation Branding and Competitive Identity in World Politics', 'Humour in Global Politics' and 'Baltic Sea Politics'. His research has appeared in journals including: Alternatives, Cambridge Review of International Affairs, Cooperation and Conflict, European Journal of International Relations, European Security, Foreign Policy Analysis, Geopolitics, Journal of International Relations and Development, Nationalities Papers, Political Geography, Political Psychology, Problems of Post-Communism and Security Dialogue.

Research Interests

  • Critical approaches to security (especially issues connected to identity, ontological security and anxiety)
  • Critical geopolitics
  • Borders, margins and hybrid spaces in international politics
  • Nation branding, Humour and Public Diplomacy
  • Nordic/Baltic regionalisation, European Neighbourhood, Civilizational politics, the identity politics of Brexit


Recent Articles

Click here for a full list of publications

Completed PhDs

  • Dogachan Dagi - 'Narrative Reconstruction of Strategic Culture: Russia under Putin and the Western Other'.
  • Cristóbal Bywaters - 'The Domestic Politics of International Status: Two-Level Narrative Management and Struggles for International Recognition and Political Legitimacy in Chile (1973-2010)'. (Winner of the PSA Shirin M. Rai Dissertation Prize for International Relations 2023/2024).
  • Nicolai Gellwitzki - 'Public Moods, Emerging Political Subjectivities, and Ontological Security: The German Response to the 'Migration Crisis'.
  • Charlie Price - ' Who Controls the Border? An Analysis of the Nordic Far Right'.
  • Joseph Haigh - 'Vicarious Militarism: Ontological (In)Security and the Politics of Vicarious Subjectivity in British War Commemoration' (Winner of the 2021 PSA Shirin M. Rai Dissertation Prize for International Relations 2020/2021).
  • Lisa Soares - 'Recasting Rights in the Caribbean: The Formation of a Regional Fisheries Policy'.
  • Johanna Vuorelma - 'Western Narratives of Losing Turkey'.
  • Ilke Dagli - 'Securitization of Ethnic Communities in Contested States and its Implications for Reconciliation Processes: Can Desecuritization Facilitate Peace Processes?'
  • Atsuko Watanabe - 'Geopolitics as Traveling Theory: The Evolution of Geopolitical Imagination in Japan, 1925-1945'.
  • Jakub Eberle - 'Logics of Foreign Policy: Discourse, Fantasy and Germany's Policies in the Iraq Crisis' (Winner of the BISA Michael Nicholson Prize 2017)
  • Oguzhan Yanarisik - 'The Role of Ideas, Perceptions and Emotions in Foreign Policy Change: The Turkish Case'.
  • Elisa Lopez Lucia - 'Discourses and Practices of the Regionalisation of Foreign and Security Policies: The Cases of West Africa and South America'.
  • Domenico Ferrara - 'EU-Russia Energy Relations: A Discursive Approach'.
  • Eun-Jeong Cho - 'EURATOM: Nuclear Norm Competition between Allies, 1955-1957'.
  • Caroline Kuzemko - 'Energy and Power: An Analysis of Energy Relations between Russia and the UK'.