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Catalina Carpan

Catalina Carpan profile photo

Teaching Fellow


Room: E1.15

Advice and Feedback Hours:

Thursday 2-3pm

Friday 1-2pm


I have joined PAIS in 2014, as PhD student and Associate Tutor, and I am currently a Teaching Fellow in Political Theory. Previously, I held an ESRC Early Career Fellowship in PAIS, and a lectureship at the University of Northampton.


My research draws on empirical insights from Psychology, Sociology and Law to advance more complex moral assessments of institutional practices and problems of social justice. I am especially interested in identifying, diagnosing, and addressing the roots of racial oppression and intersectional disadvantage. This motivation permeates both strands of my research, which include: (1) racial inequalities within law enforcement and the criminal justice system and (2) the racial disparities arising out of emerging technologies (e.g., electoral micro-targeting). Outside academia, I work as freelance researcher and policy consultant on projects related to racial inequality.


I am the Course Director for PO134: Justice, Democracy and Citizenship and the Course Director for the MA in Legal and Political Theory. I also teach on PO301 Issues in Political Theory and PO201: Political Theory from Hobbes.

Recent publications

Carpan, C. (2022). Racial Profiling and Second-Class Citizenship. Political Studies (Online First).

Carpan, C. (forthcoming). The Adultification of Black Girls as Unjust Credibility Excess, in Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, accepted September 2022.