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Monographs/Edited books

The European Union and Enlargement: The Case of Cyprus
Houndmills, Basigstoke: Macmillan-Palgrave, 2004


The New Electronic Marketplace: European Governance Strategies in a Globalising Economy
London: Edward Elgar, 2007, with S Simpson.




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 EU Cybersecurity

Alison Harcourt, George Chrsitou and Seamus Simpson (2020) Global Standard Setting in Internet Governance, Oxford: Oxford University Press

George Christou and Jacob Hasselbalch (2021) (eds), Global Networks and European Actors: Navigating and Managing Complexity, London and New York: Routledge
 Journal Special Issues

J.Burton, G.Christou, J.Koops and W.Vosse (forthcoming, 2023) 'European Approaches to Cyber Diplomacy', Hague Journal of Diplomacy,


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Journal Articles

Andre Barrinha and George Christou (2022) 'Speaking sovereignty: The EU in

the Cyber Domain', European Security, 31 (3), pp356-376,


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Book Contributions







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