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Rossella De Bernardi

Rossella De Bernardi profile photo

Honorary Research Fellow

I am an Honorary Research Fellow in Political Theory in the Department of Politics and International Studies.

Before coming to Warwick, I was a Lecturer (Education) at King’s College London, and Teaching Assistant at the University of Leeds. I completed my PhD at the York Law School, University of York at the end of 2020. I also hold an MA in Philosophy from the University of Pavia (Italy), and a BA in Philosophy from the University of Genova (Italy).


My primary research interests lie in normative political theory and its intersections with metaethics, moral psychology, and sociology. At Warwick, I am investigating the ethics of appearance discrimination in the choice of romantic partners (i.e., “romantic lookism”). I also have interests in the justice and legitimacy of political decisions in conditions of pluralism; the value of democratic procedures; normative ideals for political relations – i.e., toleration, respect, civic friendship; methods in political philosophy.


forthcoming, “The Inherent Tolerance of the Democratic Process,” The Journal of Ethics & Social Philosophy (co-authored with Emanuela Ceva).

Recent Presentations

November 2021 - Ideal Theory, the Real-world Unreasonable, and Reasonable Hope, ‘After Justice: John Rawls’ Legacy in the 21st Century’, University of Bucharest (online)

September 2020 – Civic Friendship or Respect? How Political Liberals should Care about Normative Ideals for Political Relations, White Rose Political Theory Workshop, University of York (online)