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Renske's Supervision of PhD and Postdoc Projects

Renske is available to undertake PhD supervision in any area that interconnects with her own research interests. She particularly welcomes PhD students with interests in democracy and freedom, popular participation and political institutions, the impact of cultural values and people's views around democratization, recent trends towards authoritarianism around the globe.

PhD Current Projects:

* 'opposition parties in Burkina Faso and Uganda'

* 'politics of constitution-making in Egypt and Tunisia'

* 'post-liberation state-building in Algeria'

PhD Completions:

As first supervisor (80-100%):

* Tereza Jermanová (2019), 'Transition paths and constitution-making in Egypt and Tunisia' (Tereza is currently assistant professor at the Department of Middle Eastern Studies, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic)

* Juan Gomez (2017). 'Explaining democratic divergence: the impact of elite political culture and political institutions on the democratic performance of Colombia and Venezuela' (Juan is currently professor at the University of Icesi, in Cali, Colombia)

* Mohammed Ali Bapir (2016). 'How the political elite view democracy in deeply divided countries: the case of Iraq' (Mohammed is currently lecturer at the University of Kurdistan, in Iraq)

* Sai-fu Fung (2016). 'Understanding and explaining deviant autocracies: the cases of Hong Kong and Singapore' (Sai-fu currently lectures at City University of Hong Kong)

As second supervisor (20-40%):

* Oula Kadhum (2017). 'Diasporic interventions: state-building in Iraq following the 2003 Iraq war' (Oula is currently a teaching fellow at the Politics Department of SOAS University of London, UK)

* Kawther Nuri Alfasi (2017). 'Political agency and the symbolic legacy of authoritarian regimes: the case of Libya'

* Dženeta Karabegović (2017). 'Bosnia abroad: transnational diaspora mobilization' (Dženeta is currently postdoc at the Sociology Department of the University of Salzburg, Austria)

* Jinghan Zeng (2014). 'The Chinese Communist Party's capacity to rule: legitimacy, ideology, and party cohesion' (Jinghan is currently professor of China and International Studies in the Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion, Lancaster University, UK)

Past postdoctoral supervision:

* Tina Freyburg (Tina is currently professor at St Gallen, Switzerland)
* Francesca Refsum Jensenius (Francesca is currently associate professor at the University of Oslo, Norway)
* Ammar Maleki (Ammar is currently assistant professor at Tilburg University, the Netherlands)