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Week 5

homework week 5:


Core reading:


- Healey, Chapter 7 and 8 (also chapter 6!).

- Einspruch, E.L., 2005, pp. 61-90.

- Blais, A. and R.K. Carty (1996), 'Does Proportional Representation Foster Voter Turnout?' in European Journal of Political Research, vol. 18, pp. 167-181.




- study of core reading (see above)

- working with SPSS, make exercise 6 (Einspruch 2005: p. 86)

- read Blais and Carty’s 1996 article see above). What is the research question? What are the dependent and independent variables? What are the levels of measurements of the variables? Which measures of central tendency can be used for describing these variables? Pay special attention to hypothesis testing. What is the null hypothesis? Can this hypothesis be rejected? Are the results and conclusions of the study convincing, in our opinion? What are the strengths and weaknesses? Write your answers down in a short report (around 500 words)