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Steve Dunne

PhD Candidate (ESRC Research Fellow)



Having previously studied for a B.A. in History and Politics and two M.A.s - in United States Foreign Policy and Social Science Research - I returned to PAIS in 2020 after a period of work.

Courtesy of the Economic and Social Research Council's "1+3" program, my PhD explores how strategic narratives on the economy-security nexus have influenced post-Cold War American foreign policy. My thesis is supervised by Alexandra Homolar and Georg Löfflmann.

Research Interests:

  • Strategic Studies (with emphasis on U.S. foreign policy)
  • Security Studies (inc. ideas of ontological security)
  • National Security Discourse
  • Political Communication

I am always happy to discuss my research and am open to potential collaborations.


In past academic years, I have taught on:

  • PO107: Introduction to Politics
  • PO207: Politics of the U.S.A.
  • PO3A2: War in the Twenty-First Century

In academic year 2021/2022, I am not teaching due to fieldwork.