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Christina Easton

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Research Fellow


Twitter: @chreaston

About Me

I am a political and moral philosopher, with an interdisciplinary teaching and research background. You'll find links to some of my publications below, with a full list in my CV.

Currently I am a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Warwick, where (amongst other things!) I'm working on a project on tolerance and education. I have a PhD in Philosophy from the LSE. You can read an abstract of my thesis 'Liberalism, education, and promoting 'British values' in schools' here. 

I've taught at LSE, Princeton and King's College London, including courses in moral philosophy and public policy. In 2017 I was awarded both the department teaching award and an LSE-wide teaching award. I was interviewed about my experiences teaching at LSE, and you can also see some feedback from my students below.

Prior to taking up the studentship at LSE, I taught Philosophy and Religious Studies to 11-18 year olds. Having spent 8 years in schools in the Greater London area, working my way from classroom teacher to Head of Department, I have a practical awareness of the impact of education policy on students and teachers, as well as first-hand experience of the dilemmas one encounters in the classroom that beg of philosophical reflection.


  • Easton, C. (2022). Winning in philosophy: Female under-representation, competitiveness, and implications for inclusive high school philosophy competitions. Journal of Philosophy in Schools 9 (1), 47-67.
  • Easton, C. (2022). Teaching liberal values: The case of promoting 'British values' in schools. In Liberal Democratic Education: A Paradigm in Crisis, ed. J. Culp, J. Drerup, I. de Groot, A. Schinkel, & D. Yacek, 47-66, Paderborn, Germany: Brill mentis.
  • Easton, C. (2021). Women and 'the philosophical personality': Evaluating whether gender differences in the Cognitive Reflection Test have significance for explaining the gender gap in Philosophy. Synthese 198, 139–167.
  • Easton, C. (2019). Religious Education - reform, not abolition: A reply to Matthew Clayton and David Stephens. Theory and Research in Education 17 (1), 100-111.
  • Easton, C., Goodman, A., Wright, A., & Wright, A. (2019). Critical Religious Education in Practice: A Teacher's Guide for the Secondary Classroom. London: Routledge.
  • Easton, C. (2019). Dietary double-think. Think 18 (52), 75-80.
  • Easton, C. (2019). Truth in science and 'truth' in religion: An enquiry into student views on different types of truth-claim. In Science and Religion in Education, ed. B. Billingsley, K. Chappell & M. Reiss, London: Springer.
  • Easton, C. (2018). Educating in respect: Against neutral discourse as a norm for respectful classroom discussion. Philosophy 93 (2), p.187-210.
  • Easton, C. (2018). Countering extremism in British schools? The truth about the Birmingham Trojan Horse Affair. [Book Review] Journal of Education Policy 33 (4), p.584-585
  • Easton, C. (2018). How Should Teachers React to 'Words that Wound'? The Value of Free Speech and Discussion in Response to Controversial Speech in the Classroom. In The Value and Limits of Academic Speech: Philosophical, Political, and Legal Perspectives, ed. D. A. Downs & C. W. Surprenant, London: Routledge.
  • Easton, C. (2017). Did most Brits fail in their civic duties in the EU referendum? Think 16 (45), p.7-14.

Examples of Public Engagement