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PhD Supervision

Juanita Elias has considerable experience as a PhD supervisor. She has supervised to completion across a wide range of topics in International Politics and Asian Studies. She has also acted as an external examiner for PhD theses in the UK and internationally. She particularly welcomes PhD students with interests in Southeast Asian politics and political economy, feminist approaches to political economy and development, and studies of work, employment and labour migration.

Juanita has served as a PhD external PhD examiner at the following institutions: University of Western Australia, Murdoch University, Monash University, University of Newcastle, University of Sheffield, University of Queensland, University of Adelaide, University of Nottingham and University of Manchester.

Current PhD supervision

Aaliyah Hussein (co-supervised with Nicola Pratt)

Lucy Crompton (co-supervised with Maebh Harding and Laura Lammasniemi) ESRC 1+3 scholarship

Christopher Choong (co-supervised with Lena Rethel) University of Warwick, Chancellor's Scholarship.

Sena El Banna (co-supervised with Nicola Pratt)

Reem, Abuzaid (co supervised with Nicola Pratt)

PhD Completions

(2024) Asma Abdi - Making Feminist and Decolonial Sense of Economic Sanctions: Women at the intersection of production and social reproduction under the sanction regime in Iran (co-supervised with Nicola Pratt)

(2020) Frederic Heine - Masculinist Agency and the Politics of the European Debt Crisis: The Gendered Political Economy of Restructuring, University of Warwick (co-supervised with James Brassett).

(2020) Seb Rumsby - Alternative Routes to Development? The Political Economy of Christian Conversion among a marginalised ethnic minority group in Vietnam, University of Warwick (co-supervised with Claire Blencowe).

(2020) Dwi A. Sundrijo - Localizing Global Human Development Norms on Human Rights in South-East Asia, University of Warwick (co-supervised with Lena Rethel).

(2018) Afif Pasuni - Issuing fatwas in the name of the state: reshaping co-optation through religious decrees in Singapore, University of Warwick (co-supervised with Lena Rethel).

(2013) Michelle Hackett - Solving development impasses with social enterprise? Challenging the boundaries with Grameen Shakti in Bangladesh, Adelaide University (co-supervised with Peter Mayer).

(2011) Wanlapat Soithong - Social Capital, People’s Political Participation and the Institutional Performance of Local Government in the North of Thailand, Adelaide University (co-supervised with Peter Mayer).

(2010) Adam Simpson - Transnational Energy Projects and Green Politics in Thailand and Burma: A Critical Approach to Activism and Security, Adelaide University) (co-supervised with Tim Doyle).

(2008) Hayley Stevenson - The Diffusion of International Climate Governance Norms: A Critical Constructivist Analysis, Adelaide University (co-supervised with Tim Doyle).

(2008) Priya Chacko - Indian Foreign Policy and the Ambivalence of Postcolonial Modernity, Adelaide University (co-supervised with Peter Mayer).