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Saadia Gardezi

Picture of Saadia Gardezi

Phd Candidate

Senior Graduate Teaching Assistant

Saadia Gardezi is a journalist and political cartoonist from Pakistan. She is was awarded the Chancellor's Scholarship at PAIS in 2020. Her research is focused on a comparative study of "western" and "non-western" political cartoons during the War on Terror era, exploring the similarities and differences in how they "speak security" and the applicability of critical security theory to non-western contexts.

She is the Co-Founder of Project Dastaan, an organisation that records oral histories of survivors from the Partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, and reconnects these survivors to their ancestral homes across the India-Pakistan-Bangladesh borders using VR and other new technologies. In 2017 Saadia was awarded the Weidenfeld-Hoffman Leadership Scholarship at Oxford University for MPhil Modern South Asian studies and graduated with distinctions. She has an MA International Political Economy from Warwick University (2009). She has worked with various news outlets since 2010 including The Nation, Arab News and Independent Urdu.

Research Interests

Securitisation, visual culture, news media and international relations, humor and security, material culture in South Asia, the political economy of South Asia, Partition studies.


Seminar tutor PO133: Foundations of Political Economy 2020-2021

Advice and Feeback Hours: 1-4pm Thursdays, please book using the form.