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Agriculture in the New Global Economy

Agriculture in the New Global Economy 
William Coleman, Wyn Grant, Tim Josling
224 pages (September 28, 2004)
Publisher: Edward Elgar
ISBN: 1843766787


Agriculture in the New Global Economy examines the extent to which the political economy of agriculture and the food chain is being transformed by globalisation.

This book highlights the important changes that have taken place in the agriculture and food system with the spread of globalisation to this traditionally local sector. Structural change and emerging technologies have contributed to this transformation, which has extended to the political environment in which agriculture operates. The authors identify four paradigms that have characterised the governance of agriculture: a traditional dependent-agriculture paradigm; a neo-liberal competitive paradigm; a multifunctional paradigm; and an emergent globalised-production paradigm. The tensions among these paradigms are developed with reference to evidence from the United States and Canada, the EU, Australia, Japan and the Global South. The book analyses the controversy over genetic modification of foodcrops, developments in agricultural trade policy at the multilateral and regional levels, changing national food policy systems, and emerging global governance arrangements for the sector.



1. Introduction
2. Economic Globalisation: Changing Patterns of Trade, Industry Structure and Farming
3. Technology and Political Resistance
4. The Globalisation of Ideas
5. Globalisation, Regionalisation and Trade Rules
6. A Transnational Policy Space: The Actors
7. A Transnational Policy Space: Structure References Index