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Personal Tutees

ALL UG and MAstudents should meet with their personal tutors at least once a term. You can find out through Tabula whether I am your personal tutor. While you will receive an invitation from me in Term 1 (week 1), you can always go ahead an schedule an appointment during my Advice and Feedback hours. There are links each A&F hour schedule on the right hand pane of my PAIS landing page. (For general support please do have a look at the pages on wellbeing.) On Friday, 6 Oct 2017 I will hold extra A&F hours for personal tutees from 8.30-10am (make an appointment).

For UGstudents:
A meeting should be scheduled with me in weeks 1 to 3 in Term 1 and weeks to 1 to 5 in Terms 2 & 3.
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Information on the UoW undergrade skills programme can be found here:

For MA students:
The expectation is that the meeting will be held at some point during each term.
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