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International Security

The module director for PO231 International Security is Dr Alexandra Homolar.

Security issues play a dominant role in world politics. From traditional concerns about the use of military force to new threats such as poverty, climate change, and cyber-attacks, security issues, occupy a prime-spot on the policy agendas of states, international organisations, and civil society actors. This module provides a comprehensive introduction to theories, concepts, and practices of international security.

The module is taught through one weekly lecture and one weekly seminar. The lectures provide a critical introduction to the week's topic; they are surveys rather than very detailed talks. The seminars explore the arguments in more detail, and are centred on weekly 'excursions' that explore the lecture topic in-depth and in a contemporary context. Importantly, they provide a forum for students to discuss and analyse different viewpoints with peers.

Please use the moodles pages for an overview of weekly topics and readings as well as for detailed assessment info.



Read the news - and understand international discourses on security matters. The more (varied), the better.
The Guardian

The New York Times

Frankfurter Allgemeine

Le Monde

The Irish Times


Also check out publications and news from International Organizations.

United Nations

International Monetary Fund

World Trade Organization

World Health Organization

North Atlantic Treaty Organization

African Union

Association of Southeast Asian Nations


Some Research 'Portals':

SIPRI (arms databases)

GTD (terrorism database)

National Security Archive (digital)

American Presidency Project (digital)

Open Secrets (Campaign Finance)

US National Archives and Records Admiminstration (digital collections)


Writing well:

Strunk and White:
The Elements of Style