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Ruben Kremers


Ruben Kremers is a Ph.D. candidate in International Political Economy. He has been awarded an ESRC Doctoral Research Fellowship and a PAIS Departmental Scholarship for his research project on the politics of digital finance.

He is in the organising committee of the Warwick Critical Finance Group and in the editorial teams of I-PEEL and International Political Sociology (IPS).

Research Project: "The Politics of Digital Finance"

Ruben's PhD project explores allied developments in the financial and the digital sector. On the one hand, it seeks to understand how digital tech companies enter the financial sector by means of novel consumer experiences possible thanks to the ubiquitous use of the Internet (digitalisation). On the other hand, it addresses the ways in which new technologies mobilise finance as a key category not only for businesses and governments, but also for private individuals (financialisation).


Foundations of Political Economy (2018/19), ressources.

Foundations of Political Economy (2017/18).


Mobile Payments, Social Money: Everyday Politics of the Consumer Subject, in New Political Economy, 2017, 22(6): 645-660, with James Brassett. (Free samples available here)

Scholarships and Awards

ESRC, 'Politics of Digital Finance', Doctoral Research Fellowship 2015-2019

University of Warwick, 'Politics of Digital Finance', PAIS Departmental Scholarship, 2015-2019

University of Warwick, PAIS Department Prize for ‘Highest Overall Average in MA IPE’, 2014-2015

Profile Picture Warwick 2017

Ruben Kremers

PhD Candidate

International Political Economy

Email: r dot s dot kremers at warwick dot ac dot uk

Research Interests
  • International Political Economy
  • Cultural Political Economy
  • Digital Finance and Digital Consumption
  • App-based banking
  • Critical and Interdisciplinary Methodologies