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Martin Lemberg-Pedersen

Honorary Associate Professor

Martin Lemberg-Pedersen is Honorary Associate Professor at the University of Warwick and joined PAIS in September 2021. He is also Head of Policy and Society for Amnesty International, Denmark. Before Warwick, he was an Associate Professor at the Centre for Advanced Migration Studies, University of Copenhagen. Since 2019 he has been affiliated to the Advancing Alternative Migration Governance (AdMiGov)-project, funded under the Horizon 2020 programme. He has also been Assistant Professor at Aalborg University, and a Post Doc and a PhD at the University of Copenhagen.

Research interests and publications

His academic research involves interdisciplinary analyses of Western asylum, border and deportation practices, and military-technological-industrial relations. He has focused on EU relations to forced migration in Greek, Turkish and Libyan contexts, through a project grant entitled "Between Asylum and Security: The Evolution of the South-Eastern European Borderspaces" from the Carlsberg Foundation (2013-2016). Lemberg-Pedersen has recently explored postcolonial trajectories and parallels to Western displacement politics made possible through a project grant from the Independent Research Council Denmark entitled (2017-2020) leading to articles in Global Affairs and Citizenship Studies and an interdisciplinary edited volume on "Postcoloniality and Forced Migration" forthcoming in 2022 on Bristol University Press´s Global Migration and Social Change book series. Lemberg-Pedersen´s long-standing research interest also involves European and Danish externalization of border and asylum policies, on which was recently explored in articles in Forced Migration Review (2021), Journal of Borderlands Studies, and in Questions of International Law (2019).


Lemberg-Pedersen supervises Ph.D. students, and besides regular guest lectures revolving around his research focus, he has in recent years been main coordinator and teacher of the following courses:

  • International Political Economy, MA-course, spring 2020, Global Refugee Studies, Department of Political Science, Aalborg University. 
  • Political Change and Development, MA-course, 2016-2020, the Departments of Political Science and Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University.
  • Methods in Humanities and Social Sciences, MA-course, fall 2019, Global Refugee Studies, Department of Culture and Global Studies, Aalborg University.
  • Political Philosophy. Open University-course, spring 2014, Department of Philosophy, University of Copenhagen. 
  • Ethics and Border Control. MA-course, fall 2013, spring 2014, Department of Philosophy, University of Copenhagen. 
  • The Dimensions of Freedom and Equality. MA-course, fall 2012, 2013, 2014, Department of Philosophy, University of Copenhagen. 
  • Normative issues in European immigration and asylum policies. MA-course, fall 2011, 2012, Department of Philosophy, University of Copenhagen. 
  • Equal freedom for all? Asylum policy in liberal democracies. MA-course, spring 2010, Department of Philosophy, University of Copenhagen.

Lemberg-Pedersen also does guided tours around the city of Copenhagen, where he, based on his research, details the city´s colonial-imperial history.