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Maria W. Norris

Honorary Research Fellow

PhD European Studies (London School of Economics and Political Science 2016); MSc Comparative Studies Research (LSE 2010); MSc European Studies: Ideas and Identities (LSE 2009); BA Communication and Media (Bournemouth University)

I was a Research Fellow on the ERC funded project: 'Neoliberal Terror: The Radicalisation of Social Policy in Europe.' I worked primarily on the qualitative research package, investigating the genealogy of CVE policy and discourse in Europe.

My main research interest is in the dialectic relationship between national identity and national security. I am particularly interested in how terrorism and extremism are constructed in policy, law, and popular culture, and how these constructions relate to national identity. My research also encompasses far-right extremism in Europe and the US, and the intersections of popular culture and national security. My book The Foreign Problem: Identity and Security in Counterterrorism Policy will be published by Routledge in Winter 2020.

Find me on twitter @MariaWNorris