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Iason Papaioannou-Turner

PhD Candidate



I am a fully funded PhD candidate in Political Theory within the Department of Politics & International Relations. I am conducting my research under the supervision of Prof. Matthew Clayton and Dr. Katy Wells. I hold an MSc in Global Governance and Ethics from UCL and a BSc in Politics from the University of Liverpool.


My doctoral research is situated within the area of educational philosophy, and is focused on the relationship between education and the labour market.

My PhD research explores what individuals are owed from education in light of the fact that they work. I am investigating connective questions surrounding the liberty of the individual, the value of labour and purposes of education, as well as distributive questions regarding education and labour positions with respect to our principles of justice.

Broader research interests include theories of distributive justice, liberal political thought, social and economic inequalities and the philosophy of childhood and education.

Awards and Scholarships

PAIS PhD Studentship (2021), University of Warwick.


In the 2022/23 academic year, I am teaching seminars for PO201 - Political Theory From Hobbes.

In the 2021/22 academic year, I taught seminars for PO107 - Introduction To Politics.