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Book Series

Perspectives on democratic practice: A new book series edited by Shirin Rai and Wyn Grant

Published by Manchester University Press, this series takes account of changing trends in political and international studies that reflect changes in the real world of politics. 

The series will cover three aspects of democratic practice:

  • Democratic theory including both analytical and normative theory, approaches to new articulations and forms of democracy and analyses of the processes by which democratic practice can be expressed and achieved. For example, we would be interested in further work on deliberative and cosmopolitan democracy.
  • New social and protest movements including assessments of the bases of support for such movements, how they emerge, the techniques they deploy and the factors that affect their success.   We would be particularly interested in work that is comparative across countries and movements or looks at groups operating at the international level.
  • Institution-building and practice including transformations in democratic institutions in response to social and political forces and new understandings of democracy. We would, for example, be interested in analyses of the reconfiguration of EU institutions and relations between them in response to enlargement.

The series will thus cover both institutional and non-institutional practice.  It will also encourage a theoretical debate in areas such as citizenship, human rights and cosmopolitanism. The editors of the proposed series are interested in manuscripts on both, current democratic theory as well as on the way in which institutions function as well as how people within institutions interact with the state as well as non-state actors such as social movements and NGOs.

Book proposals are now being accepted. For guidelines on how to submit a proposal, click on the Book Proposal Information button below. These guidelines are stored in PDF format and will open a new browser window when clicked on.

You can contact the general editors of the series, Shirin Rai and Wyn Grant via the following email addresses: or or by clicking on the buttons below.

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