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Over the years, I have been involved in the organisation of a number of academic conferences and workshops. These include:

  • 2017 Panel on 'Finance, Development and the State in Asia', ISA Annual Convention, Baltimore, February 22-25 (with Liz Thurbon)
  • 2016 SASE Mini-Conference 'Islam and the Construction of New Economic Moralities: Divergence, Convergence and Competing Futures', 24-26 June 2016, University of California, Berkeley (with Mehmet Asutay, Necati Aydin and Aaron Z. Pitluck).
  • 2015 International conference on 'New Directions in International Political Economy', University of Warwick, May 14-15 (with Andre Broome, James Brassett, Juanita Elias, Ben Richardson)
  • 2014 Workshop on 'Islamic Finance in Comparative Perspective', Monash University (Caulfield campus), November 3-7 (with Jikon Lai and Kerstin Steiner). Presenters included: Engku Rabiah Adawia, Aaron Z. Pitluck, Mohamed Ariff (INCEIF), Mohamed Ariff (Bond University), Imran Lum, Tim Lindsey and Almir Colan. Please see here for a report on this workshop by the Consulate General of Malaysia, Melbourne.
  • 2013 Mini-Conference Sessions on 'Rethinking Islamic Finance. Firms, Markets and Institutions', Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE) Annual Meeting, Milan, June 27-29 (with Aaron Pitluck). Presenters included: Daromir Rudnyckyj, Jikon Lai, Mei Hamed, Ryan Calder, Aisalkyn Botoeva and Sarah Tobin.
  • 2013 Workshop on 'What Makes Crisis Leaders in Global Governance?', University of Warwick, April 18-19 (with Alexandra Homolar, Stephanie Schnurr, Malcolm MacDonald). Keynote speaker: Ian Hurd.
  • 2012 Workshop on 'The Everyday Political Economy of Southeast Asia', Griffith Asia Institute and University of Warwick, July 26 (with Juanita Elias). Papers presented at this workshop will be published as: Juanita Elias and Lena Rethel (2016) The Everyday Political Economy of Southeast Asia, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • 2012 Workshop on 'Aesthetics and the Performance of Political Economy', University of Warwick, June 28 (with James Brassett).
  • 2010 Workshop on 'Global Governance in Crisis' held at the University of Birmingham, May 27-28 (with André Broome and Liam Clegg). Papers presented at this workshop have been published as special issue in Global Society 26(1).
  • 2008 Workshop on 'The Political Economy of the Subprime Crisis. The Economics, Politics and Ethics of Response', University of Warwick, September 18-19 (with James Brassett and Matthew Watson). Papers from this workshop have been published in British Journal of Politics and International Relations 11(3) and New Political Economy 15(1).