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Lena Rethel

lena rethel

Professor of International Political Economy

Office: D1.18 (by appointment only)

My research interests include the relationship between finance and development, financialisation and the politics of debt, alternative globalisations and the disciplinary parameters and spatial location of contemporary IPE. Substantively, my work to date has concentrated on both the theories and common senses that underpin financial policymaking, the question of how this leads to institutional change (in particular the expansion of capital markets and development of Islamic finance) and the socio-economic implications of these changes. My research has been grounded primarily in insights from the Southeast Asia region. My current project, previously funded by a Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship, examines the growth of transnational Islamic economic flows and their governance.

Research keywords

  • International Political Economy and Global Financial Governance
  • Capital Market Development and Islamic Finance
  • Everyday and Cultural Political Economy
  • Islamic Economies and Global Economic Governance
  • The Political Economy of Southeast Asia, especially Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore

Service to the academic community

Recent books

  • James Brassett, Juanita Elias, Lena Rethel and Ben Richardson (2022) I-PEEL. The International Political Economy of Everyday Life, Oxford: Oxford University Press
  • Lena Rethel (2021) The Political Economy of Financial Development in Malaysia, Abingdon: Routledge.