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Sadi Shanaah

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Research Fellow

PhD in Political Science (Aarhus University, 2019); MPhil in Contemporary European Studies (University of Cambridge, Pembroke College, 2008); BA in International and European Economic Studies (SUNY, New Paltz, 2006)


I am a Research Fellow in the project 'Neoliberal Terror: The Radicalisation of Social Policy in Europe' (European Research Council) with a primary responsibility for its quantitative work package. I mainly work on the development of a composite index for P/CVE policies (preventing and countering violent extremism) in Western countries. I also contribute with qualitative research to the investigation of the historical evolution of P/CVE policies and their diffusion in Europe and beyond.

My general focus is on the phenomenon of political violence. I am interested in factors, mechanisms and processes that could lead to or prevent political violence, mostly from the perspective of social psychology and social movement approaches. In my doctoral research, I examined the willigness of British Muslims to engage in actions against Islamist extremism and the factors that facilitate or hinder such engagement.

I am a member of the Academic-Practitioner Counter Extremism Network (APCEN) established by the Commission for Countering Extremism (UK).


(2022) What Drives Counter-Extremism? The Extent of P/CVE Policies in the West and Their Structural Correlates. Terrorism and Political Violence. (Co-authored with Charlotte Heath-Kelly)

(2022) Rehabilitation within pre-crime interventions: The hybrid criminology of social crime prevention and countering violent extremism. Theoretical Criminology, 1-21. (Co-authored with Charlotte Heath-Kelly - main author)

(2022) 'The Long History of Prevention: Social Defence, Security, and Anticipating Future Crimes in the Era of ‘Penal Welfarism'’, Theoretical Criminology, 1-20. (Co-authored with Charlotte Heath-Kelly - main author)

(2021) 'Investigating the Effects of Right-Wing Terrorism on Government Satisfaction: A Time Course Analysis of the 2019 Christchurch Terror Attack', Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 1-14. (Co-Authored with Nicole Satherly - main author, Kumar Yogeeswaran, Danny Osborne & Chris G. Sibley)

(2021) 'Hate Begets Warmth? The Impact of an Anti-Muslim Terrorist Attack on Public Attitudes toward Muslims’, Terrorism and Political Violence, 1-19. (Co-authored with Kumar Yogeeswaran, Lara Greaves, Joseph A. Bulbulia, Danny Osborne, M. Usman Afzali & Chris G. Sibley)

(2021) 'Anti-Muslim Discrimination and Support for Violent Extremism: Evidence from Five Large-N Surveys’, Behavioral Sciences of Terrorism and Political Aggression, 1-21.

(2020) 'Demobilizing or Activating? The Effect of Anti-Muslim Discrimination on Muslims’ Counter-Extremism Engagement’, Social Problems, 1-19.

(2019) 'Alienation or Cooperation? British Muslims’ Attitudes to and Engagement in Counter-Terrorism and Counter-Extremism’, Terrorism and Political Violence, 1-22.

(2019) 'What Motivates Muslims to Engage in Counterextremism? The Role of Identity, Efficacy, Emotions, and Morality’, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism, 1-21.

(2019) 'Standing up and Speaking Out? British Muslims’ Collective Action against Islamist Extremism (Co-authored with Lasse Lindekilde)’, Democracy and Security, 1-22.