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Thaís Simões Dória

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PhD Candidate


Advice and Feedback hours:

Monday: 11am – noon

Monday: 15pm – 16pm

Teaching enquiries:

Please reach out via my teaching email to arrange a meeting.

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Politics and International Studies and recipient of the Chancellor's International Scholarship. I am a member of the Latin America at Warwick Network (LAWN), and an affiliate of the Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation (CSGR).

I work under the supervision of Dr Tom Long and Dr Oz Hassan on intermediate states in the Global South, focusing on their perspectives and narratives of global hierarchies, and analysing the strategies they develop to maximize autonomy, considering their positionalities.

I hold a BA and an MA in International Relations from UFSC. Before joining PAIS, I taught undergraduate modules on Latin American Politics at UFSC and Theory of International Relations at USP. Additionally, I was a member of both the research groups on Foreign Policy Analysis and on Human Rights and International Norms.


In my research, I delve into the theoretical underpinnings of global hierarchies within the field of International Relations, with a particular emphasis on the autonomy of secondary powers from the Global South. Empirically, I conduct a comparative analysis of case studies featuring Brazil, South Africa, and Indonesia, where I examine the discourses of foreign policy elites and identify the expressions of autonomy within their discourses. This approach enables me to foreground my concept of autonomy by analysing and comparing the foreign policy discourses of these countries. It allows autonomy to be linked with relational approaches in IR, connecting the concept to contextualized relational positions rather than homogenous global structures.

In summary, my academic interests are firmly grounded in the field of International Relations theories, with a specific dedication to advancing the viewpoints of Global South countries.

More information about my research can be found on my Google Scholar.


  • Doria, T.S., Long, T. (2022) Your Regionalism and Mine: The United States and South American Cooperation in the Global Pandemic. In Regional and International Cooperation in South America After COVID.
  • Doria, T. S. (2019). Sino-American Relationship: The Role of American Political Institutions in the Formulation of America's China Policy. Semina, 18(1), 83-109.


  • 2023-26: Chancellor’s International Scholarship, University of Warwick
  • 2018-20: CAPES – DS Graduate Scholarship, UFSC
  • 2017: Student Merit for the best performance rate in the Bachelor of International Relations, UFSC
  • 2015: Study Abroad Award recipient, University of Bristol






  • Doria, T. S. (2021). Same Bed Different Nightmares: A Comparative Study between Brazil’s and Indonesia’s Responses to the Pandemic. In ISA West Annual Conference. San Bernardino, US: ISA-WEST.


  • Doria, T. S. (2021). Public Opinion and American Foreign Policy Towards the People's Republic of China: An Analysis of the Role of American Public Opinion on its Foreign Policy. In 26th World Congress of Political Science. Lisboa, Portugal: IPSA.

Media (Interviews)

  • Wilkinson, J. (2022, November 30). Lula da Silva claims victory in Brazil’s recent elections. Boar News.
  • Filipe Santos, L. (2022, September 29) Governadores republicanos lideram reação anti-ESG nos EUA; especialistas veem riscos às economias. ESTADÃO.