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Jess Underwood

Jessica Eastland-Underwood
PhD Student

Research Interests

Although my PhD research is focused on the USA, I am more broadly interested in everyday understandings of the economy and democratic action, including:

  • Everyday political thought
  • Economic ideas in everyday life
  • Protest and popular political action
  • Exploring ongoing impacts of colonialism and slavery, particularly colour-blind racism
  • Methods for accessing 'ordinary' political belief (rhetorical analysis, historiography, qualitative interviews, and ethnography)

Current project

I am currently drafting my PhD thesis, which examines how everyday conceptions of 'the economy' mobilised Reopen the Economy (anti-lockdown) and Black Lives Matter (George Floyd) protest movements during the Covid-19 pandemic. Supervised by Matthew Watson and Chris Clarke.

Latest publications

All of my publications are authored as Jessica Eastland-Underwood

Other Activities

    • Interviewed for the USSO podcast 'Midwestern Populist Movements and "The Economy"'
    • Invited Discussant for the Balsillie School of International Affairs and PAIS collaborative seminar on ‘International Development in the Long Duree’, October 2022
    • Co-Founder of the Women in Political Studies early career working group
    • Co-Chair of the 2021-2022 Critical Research and International Political Studies (CRIPS) graduate working group
      • Created two new seminar series: Navigating Research Puzzles & PhD Student Papers
    • Invited to present on the 'Politics of Economic Ideas' panel for the Annual PAIS Research Conference, June 202