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Applying for a Double Degree

Warwick Year 1 | Warwick Year 2

In order to enrol on a Double Degree programme, you will need to submit two separate applications - one to each partner institution. This is true whether you start your degree at Warwick or come to us for Year 2. If you are starting at Warwick in Year 1, you must apply first for your single-year MA programme then convert to the Double Degree during the year at Warwick.

All applications to study at Warwick should be sent to the University's Postgraduate Admissions Office, and not directly to PAIS, using the online application form.

Apply to a single-year MA at Warwick and transfer to the Double Degree mid-year

All of our Double Degrees are available to start with the Warwick year. To do this, simply apply to one of our single-year MAs and then you can apply to transfer onto a Double Degree programme during the course of Year 1 at Warwick. This route is available for all of our Double Degrees. The advised application deadline to Warwick Year 1 is the end of April; the hard application deadline for candidates who need a visa to study in the UK is 31 July, but all candidates should aim to apply earlier than this.

  1. During Year 1 at Warwick there will be Double Degree information meetings in Welcome Week and Week 8. Please email the PAIS Office and the PAIS Director of External Affairs, preferably by the end of Term 1, if you wish to transfer to a Double Degree.
  2. Submit your application to the relevant partner university by the deadline supplied by the partner. Please note these deadlines are early in Term 2 for some partners (Balsillie School, NTU, Monash).
  3. If your application to the partner is successful, you must notify the PAIS Office so that we can complete your course transfer; this will be done after the PAIS Part I Exam Board in June. You will only be able to progress to Year 2 if your application to the relevant partner is successful, and if you pass the taught components of the Warwick year at a sufficient standard.

Apply to attend Warwick for Year 2

This route is available to candidates enrolled for Year 1 of the relevant Masters at Waterloo, Konstanz, Monash, and UPF; if you are not enrolled on one of these degrees, please contact your university for more information on how to apply. You must notify your Year 1 university that you are applying for the Double Degree at Warwick and keep them informed of the application outcome. If your Year 1 university has an internal deadline for applying to Year 2, please abide by their deadline; if no internal deadline is supplied, the advised deadline at Warwick is the end of April. Candidates who need a visa to study in the UK must apply no later than 31 July, but all candidates should aim to apply earlier than this.

Please be aware that students beginning their Double Degree overseas will be ineligible for UK Government funding.

  1. Read the Admissions Requirements page carefully and make sure you have all of the necessary documents to hand before applying.
  2. Submit a Warwick application online following the guidance on the Admissions Requirements page.
    1. Apply to the relevant PAIS single-year degree programme.
    2. Specify which Double Master's partner you are studying with in your personal statement.
    3. Your personal statement should address both your reasons for selecting your Warwick specialism as well as why you are undertaking a Double Degree with your Year 1 university.
    4. Your personal statement should also specify that you are coming to Warwick as a Year 2 student.
    5. Please ensure that you liaise with your Double Master’s degree coordinator at your Year 1 university so that they know you are applying to Warwick.
  3. We will consider your application as normal.