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Issues and Actors in Global Economic Governance

How is authority exercised by the key institutions and actors in global economic governance? Who writes the rules that govern the global economy? How and why the global political economy is governed, by whom, and for whose benefit, are fundamental issues that impact upon global economic stability, growth, and development.

This module examines the evolving institutional architecture and the key conceptual issues in the contemporary practice of global economic governance. Through a focus on the main actors and issues in global economic governance, you will be provided with the knowledge and tools to address these questions. This module will equip you with an understanding of the contemporary actors, forums, and institutions that provide the main pillars of global economic governance.

Previous topics covered include the different transnational roles played by states, international organizations, club forums, and civil society actors, as well as the sources of change, global policy agendas, rising powers, and political legitimacy in global economic governance.