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Links to external module options

Students on the Politics or Politics and International Studies programmes may take up to 30 CATS worth of modules outside the PAIS department each year. Students may select from modules offered across the university, subject to PAIS approval and availability. Typically students select modules from the following areas:

Students may also wish to consider the QM Q-Step modules.

QS104 and QS105 (both on Quantitative Methods) can both be taken as options by second and third year PAIS students (within the limits of 30 CATS taken from lower levels over the whole course). QS104 can be taken without prerequisites. QS105 can only be taken by those students who have done QS104 (although exceptionally someone with a background in stats could take QS105 directly).
QS103 (Qualitative Methods) could potentially be taken by 2nd/final year students – expressions of interest should be directed to Philippe Blanchard (
QS106. Expressions of interest should be directed to Roxana Baltaru (