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Podcast with Charlotte Heath-Kelly and Amnesty, on the Prevent Strategy review

On 26th May, the Community Policy Forum hosted a discussion of the Prevent Strategy on their podcast. Amnesty's Ilyas Nadgee and University of Warwick Professor Charlotte Heath-Kelly explored the foundations of the Prevent Strategy, the dangers it poses to democracy and to communities, and recent leaks from the Shawcross review process. The podcast can be found here: Link opens in a new window
Mon 30 May 2022, 09:28

24th May 2022: Westminster

24th May 2022 - Neoliberal Terror's Primary Investigator, Professor Heath-Kelly, will travel to Portcullis House in Westminster to brief representatives of the Council of Europe's Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination. Professor Heath-Kelly will share findings from the project to assist the Committee with their report on Raising Awareness of and Countering Islamophobia in Europe

Mon 23 May 2022, 09:11

New Paper

A new article entitled "What Drives Counter-Extremism? The Extent of P/CVE Policies in the West and Their Structural Correlates"Link opens in a new window by Sadi Shanaah and Charlotte Heath-Kelly has been accepted for publication in Terrorism and Political Violence on May 17, 2022. In the paper, the authors construct an index of the intensity of P/CVE policies deployment in 38 Western countries and investigate the correlation between the index and the threat of terrorism (measured as the number of past attacks/victims), the size of Muslim minorities (Muslim communities have been ‘securitised’ as potential threats in the post 9/11 period), and the neoliberal governance (drawing on Criminological literature that connects neoliberalism to anticipatory crime control).

The study finds a positive and significant correlation in the first two factors (terrorism threat and size of Muslim minority population), while a negative and significant correlation for the last factor (neoliberal governance). Among other things, the findings provide some empirical evidence for the claim that Muslim minorities in the West have been racialised and securitized, since their population size positively correlates with the deployment of P/CVE policies (but not to the number of terrorist attacks and victims).

Wed 18 May 2022, 15:49

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