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Inclusive Economies and Enduring Peace: The Transformative Role of Social Reproduction

The project explores the impact of the costs of social reproduction as depletion in the absence of a well-developed social infrastructure to support women within households in the face of conflict and displacement.

Principal Investigators: Shirin M Rai (WICID) and Jacqui True (Gender Peace and Security, Monash)

Co-Investigators: Juanita Elias, Nicola Pratt & and Jayanthi Lingham (Warwick); Samanthi Gunawardana & Melissa Johnston (Monash)

Funder: Monash-Warwick Alliance

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Project overview:

  1. The project will research how women's unpaid and paid labour is affected by conflict situations and situations of conflict-recovery, how women strategize to reverse this depletion and what needs to be done by the state and non-state actors involved in post-conflict negotiations and building institutional infrastructure
  2. In so doing it will address the UN Sustainable Development Goals 5, 8 and 16. The research evidence produced has the potential to shape new policies and interventions that will contribute to lasting peace and inclusive economic prosperity.
  3. It will develop new ethnographic methodologies to address data collection in complex contexts.

Our focus:

  1. The poorly recognised social reproductive labour of women in conflict and postconflict contexts and the urgency of addressing this issue for a sustainable and gender equitable peace
  2. Identifying data gaps, bringing together feminist international political economy with gender, peace and security scholarship to develop new frameworks for analysing gender equality in of conflict and postconflict contexts