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NIHR Global Health Research Unit on Improving Health in Slums

Funder: NIHR

Partners: African Population and Health Research Centre, Independent University, Bangladesh, The Aga Khan University, University of Ibadan

Project overview:

The aim of the NIHR funded Global Health Research Unit on Improving Healthcare in Slums is to work collaboratively to improve health service delivery in slums, benefitting the population of low and middle income countries by reducing morbidity and mortality at the population level, and doing this at the smallest possible cost to both individuals receiving health services and wider society.

Our focus:

The project team will map current health services and facilities and understand how these are used in seven slums across Asia and Africa. They will identify the costs associated with how the health services run in each slum, including costs to the patients and their households.

Looking to the long-term the team will develop models of the health services and use these to look at ways of improving health service delivery.