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Integrating Legal Empowerment and Social Accountability for Sexual Reproductive health and HIV Services for Young People in Selected Slum Areas in Uganda

Funder: Warwick GCRF Catalyst Grant

Partners: Center for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD)

Project overview:

Rapid urbanization in Uganda drives economic development, but inadequate planning has also led to slum growth. Young women, in particular, face increased risks of HIV/AIDS infections, sexual assault, unsafe abortions and lack of access to basic services in slums. This project focuses on enabling young women in slums to achieve sexual and reproductive services rights and health through exploring how human rights can give them agency to proactively seek health services and redress when their rights are violated.

Our focus:

We are working in two slums in Uganda to examine the knowledge and attitudes of adolescent girls and young women, duty bearers and wider stakeholders to sexual and reproductive health and rights.