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Mapping and Documenting Migratory Journeys and Experiences

Project overview:

Despite the European Union’s announcement of A European Agenda on Migration in May 2015, precarious forms of migration culminating in fatalities at sea continue at record levels. Over 3700 people died during the precarious journey across the Mediterranean in 2015, rising to more than 5000 people in 2016. Crossing the Mediterranean Sea by Boat provides a rigorous, evidence-based assessment of EU policies based on the in-depth qualitative research the project has carried out directly with those making the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea by boat.

Our focus:

The project focuses directly on the impact of policies upon people on the move, drawing together policy analysis and observational fieldwork with an in-depth analysis of qualitative interview data with people making – or contemplating making – the dangerous journey across the Mediterranean Sea. As such, the project provides previously-unconsidered insights into the effects of policy on the journeys, experiences, understandings, expectations, concerns and demands of people on the move.