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New Publication: 'Extremism: A Philosophical Analysis' by Professor Quassim Cassam (Routledge, September 2021)

Professor Quassim Cassam’s ongoing research into philosophical subjects which connect to urgent global issues continues with a new volume on extremism published by Routledge in September 2021.

Professor Cassam’s authoritative narrative provides an incisive and thought-provoking discussion of extremism in its many differing forms, and uses real world examples to address a range of pressing questions, including: what is extremism and what are its different forms? How does extremism differ from fanaticism and fundamentalism?  How does one become an extremist? How should the notions of radicalization, counter-radicalization and deradicalization be understood?

Extremism: A Philosophical Analysis’ offers the reader a clear and highly accessible overview of a controversial subject and its evolving threat to the world today.

Extremism: A Philosophical Analysis - 1st Edition - Quassim Cassam - (

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