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Warwick Graduate Conference in the Philosophy of Mind

27-28 November 2004
University of Warwick

Keynote Speakers


The conference took place in the new Mathematics Building, room MS.004. The building is number 35 on this map.

Programme and Abstracts

Download all papers here (PDF document) [792kb] or see talks below for individual papers.

SATURDAY, November 27th
10-11:30pm Alex Buckley (Leeds), 'Social Externalism, Segal and Contradictory Intuitions' [abstract] [paper]
  Response: Michael Luntley
12-1:30pm Mathilde Jakobsen (UCL), 'Transcendental Arguments in the Philosophy of Mind' [abstract] [paper]
  Response: Bill Brewer
1:30-3pm LUNCH
3-4:30pm Susanna Schellenberg (Pittsburg/Oxford), 'Perception Involving Action' [abstract] [paper]
  Response: Johannes Roessler
5-6:30 Richard Moran (Keynote Speaker), 'Understanding the Talking Animals'
7:30-9pm DINNER (at Wilde's wine bar, in Leamington)
10-11:30am Christopher Peacocke (Keynote Speaker), 'Mental Action and Self-Awareness'
  Response: Rory Madden
12-13:30am Declan Smithies (Warwick/NYU), 'The Rationality of Deductive Inference' [abstract] [revised paper]
  Response: Nick Shea
1:30-3pm LUNCH
3-4:30pm Richard Price (Oxford), 'Relational Looking and the Reversibility Constraint' [abstract] [paper]
  Response: Naomi Eilan
5-6:30pm Charles Pelling (Reading), 'Conceptualism and the (supposed) Non-transitivity of Colour Indiscriminability' [abstract] [paper]
  Response: Stephen Butterfill


Warwick Graduate Conference in the Philosophy of Mind
Department of Philosophy
University of Warwick
Coventry CV4 7AL